Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Transition into a Workaholic

My excessive free time is once again changing my life. For one thing, I've become super blogger (even though I still don't like the terms blog, blogging, blogger, or anything else remotely similar). That isn't disappointing to me because this blog is really more for me and my sanity than anything else, but I worry that I might be becoming too attached to the world inside my head. At the same time, I could just be in really good shape because I may have needed a chance to really figure out what I've been thinking and what's going on with me that I was unaware of. Either way, this blog has become a huge part of my nightly routine when before I didn't have near enough time to write so much.

What worries me more than the blogging is the amount of work I'm doing. Now that I don't have school, work doesn't seem so bad to me. It seems even less bad when I think that this time last summer I was working at Giovanni's and I didn't like my job. Not only was I not happy with what I was doing, but my schedule was a little ridiculous. I only worked at night, so my days were filled with nothing and then my free time never overlapped with anyone else's. Now I like my jobs (yes, both of them), but I feel like I'm working a lot. I worked five days with ResLife this week (I was hired to work four so one of those days was my choice to work), and then I worked at the mansion today. While I was at the mansion I took a shift from another girl who works there for tomorrow. The mansion is only open for three hours on Sundays, but that still means that my one day not working for the week is gone. The sad thing is, I don't really mind it.

I think part of this is the mindset that I don't have anything else to do. I feel like I might as well make money because otherwise I would spend all day in my apartment reading and sleeping. That wouldn't sound like a bad thing, except that is probably what I would also do all night.

I guess I'm not so much upset about the fact that I've been working a lot as I am perplexed by it; it's weird to not mind. I think this is just another one of those weird transition things where I'm adjusting to a new lifestyle and trying to figure out how to spend my time now that I am not doing it in the same way I was before. I'm sure it will all balance out soon and I will be working less and having fun more. Until then, I guess at least my paychecks will be awesome because I am putting in some serious hours.

Oh, and I was going to end on that last note, but I just realized I haven't told anyone the fantastic news that I got all A's this semester. It's not a huge deal, but I feel like the information should have been disclosed somewhere.

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lauren said...

all A's is exceptional. you should tell people. be proud.