Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Eternal Week

It just hit me this weekend that I have only been back in school for one week. Spring break feels like it was years ago or only a dream. Five days of school felt like an eternity, and now the weekend is almost over and also feels like it didn't really happen. I can only hope that this ridiculous memory lapse of free time will mean school will be out before I know it. I think I've lost all concept of time!

I do have some pretty cool news though. Yesterday I ran a 5K in Brentwood. My goal was pretty much to finish the thing, and any time under 45 minutes would have been respectable in my mind. I was really excited though because I finished in 28 minutes and 40 seconds, and I was second in my age group! That's not an awesome time or anything, but it's definitely not a terrible one, and even though there were only about ten people in my age group, I was excited to be second.

That's about all the interesting stuff that has happened since I got back from break, but it feels like I should have finished my degree since then or something. Hopefully I will get more accomplished this week, and maybe it won't feel like the never-ending week.