Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Next Step

I'm no longer a college kid!

I should probably have wrapped this up months ago when I graduated, but I'm here now to say I successfully survived. I didn't even have to forge the diploma!

Now that I've moved on I'm as clueless as I've always been, so I'm off on a new blog journey to keep track of my "adult" life. If you're still interested in joining me on this ride, you can check out

Thanks for sharing college with me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Subject of My Future

I am now barely a college kid with my graduation 32 days away, but I am more in need of saving than ever. So I'll share the words of Jack Burden from Robert Penn Warren's novel All the King's Men:

The subject of my future, as a matter of fact, was one on which I had never cared to dwell. I simply didn't care. I would think that I'd get a job, any kind of a job, and do it and collect my pay and spend the pay and go back to the job on Monday morning, and that would be all. I had no ambitions.