Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Things I'd Rather Do

I'm back for the second time today after a month of silence; try not to overdose. I skipped my speech class thinking a) I didn't really want to go and b) I might actually do something productive, like start the paper I have due tomorrow. My intentions were good, but as usual my productivity was low. I made a Letterman-esque top 10 list of things I'd rather do than write this paper.

10. Facebook stalk. This is the fall back option, but it never seems to get old. I've really enjoyed looking at the old high school group lately and seeing who's married and who's become a parent.
9. Bake something. I've been craving chocolate, and my domestic side wants to wear an apron. Why do I need to write papers if I can cook? I'll just find a husband who makes lots of money and is willing to share it with me in exchange for dinner on the table every night. Who cares if I'm taking giant leaps backwards in the fight for women's rights?

8. Read the next Stephanie Plum novel. I got hooked on Janet Evanovich's books this summer, but school has really thrown a wrench in my progress. I'm working on Seven Up right now, and I would really like to know what's going to happen with Stephanie and Ranger.

7. Go to work for cookie day. I'm supposed to go to work after class, and I wouldn't normally be looking forward to it, but today is special. Today is cookie day. Everyone made cookies and brought them to share, and I know there are some delicious treats waiting for me at work. If that doesn't make you want to go in early, check your pulse.

6. Write a book. Being averse to paper writing doesn't mean I have something against writing all together. I've always wanted to write a novel that includes characters suspiciously similar to people I've met, but there never seems to be time. Working on the book could be good practice for that paper I'm not doing.

5. Plan a trip to Idaho. I still can't explain my fascination with this state, but I need to go and find out if I really like it. Also, I requested grad school info from Boise State, so why not take a campus visit? Of course, if I don't write this paper and fail this class my grad school prospects could be limited.

4. Truth tables. I am a self-proclaimed math hater, but for some reason I just love truth tables. Luckily my Math 1080 professor is happy to assign them for homework. I could sit for hours and just fill in T's and F's. I realize this probably says something about me and my compulsive habits, but I just like those things.

3. Listen to "Forget and Not Slow Down" on repeat. Relient K's new album comes out on October 6, but their first single is already out. I can't wait to hear the whole album. And on October 11, you'll find me at Rocketown singing along to the glory that is RK.

2. Set up my fantasy football team. I'm undefeated in one league and have a 1-1 record in the other. Week three looks promising, but there's nothing wrong with obsessing a little more about who I'm going to play and deciding if I need to negotiate a few trades.

1. Read Matt Thiessen's tweets. He doesn't just write songs well. The guy can work miracles with 140 characters. I recommend reading and following:

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Pig?

Rather than being afraid of the big bad wolf, the world is in a tizzy about the little pig--swine flu. I realize this stuff has killed people, and I'm not discounting it, but why are we becoming hysterical? Swine flu is the flu. It's a different strain, but the flu changes every year anyway, which is why we have to update the shot. The point is, why are we freaking out about it? It's just flu. Don't the crazy people realize they should have been taking the same precautions (everything in moderation of course) for years to avoid every other strain of flu which, by the way, can also kill you? Wash your hands, stay home when you're sick, and maybe get the vaccine, but feel free to continue to do these things when swine flu is no longer trendy.

Now I will probably get swine flu and die from it as punishment for my skepticism, but for real people, calm down.