Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strategic Placement

It's really exciting to me when I can see God working in my life and how he places me in the locations and situations where he can work out his plan. I've been noticing recently how he's been doing that on both small and large scales, and it's so comforting to know that he's involved directly in everything that goes on in my life.

One area of my life where I see God's hand so clearly is my situation this summer. Things could not have worked out more perfectly for me. I have two jobs, both within walking distance of my apartment. That means I don't have to buy a lot of gas. I am also guaranteed a certain number of hours of work every week, which is phenomenal. Had I gone home, I might not have even found a job, and when I did, I might not have been guaranteed enough hours to make it worth the drive from the middle of nowhere to whatever place I was working. And on top of everything else, one of my jobs covers my housing for the summer and makes it possible for me to be here with these two jobs and make a little money instead of spending it all on rent.

And on several smaller occasions I've noticed God's strategic placement recently. Seemingly random events have put me in a position to be available to people who need me, and it's been such a blessing to be able to be there for those people. I couldn't have planned it any better.

It's so exciting to actually see things work out. What amazes me is that I can still doubt so often that everything is going to be okay. God is showing me that he is so dependable. Things may not always work out the way I expect or would have planned, but they will always work out the way God wants them to. And it's incredible to know that the God who can orchestrate everything to work for his purposes lets me be involved in his work. To know that he is actively involved in my life is crazy to think about, but it is also so very comforting.

And on the grandest of scales that I am capable of imagining right now, it's so good to know that I'm not crazy for believing that God is going to work things out in my life career-wise. I've struggled so much because I know I am where I'm supposed to be, but it doesn't make any sense. I can't afford to go to Belmont, and it seems crazy to be here when I could have made financially more sensible choices, but I know this is where God wants me. It's scary to not know why he wants me here or what I'm supposed to do when I get finished here (and really only a little of what to do while I'm here), but I have to trust that it is all going to work out. There is no way I can doubt the God who has so perfectly designed every moment of my life so far and made everything work out for his purpose, so I'm going to keep trusting. I'm learning how awesome it is to see the plan working, so I'm expecting to see that continue to happen. I am learning that no matter how crazy an idea sounds, if it's God, it's going to be good. And I am looking forward to seeing all of this play out.

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