Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. Lonely

It's so hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago I was bored out of my mind and people-deprived. When God started putting people in my path, he sent them from different cities, different states, even different countries. I've come across so many seemingly random people in so many different ways lately. These friendships have vastly different dynamics than the ones from my first year of school. For one thing, I am not constantly surrounded by these people so we have to make time to hang out. They also aren't all from Nashville, so it's a little more of a challenge to meet up with people when you have to coordinate schedules and figure out what the best thing to do is when we are coming from two different cities.

As random as all my friends have seemed, I know they are all so much a part of God's plan. They show up at exactly the right time, and they are perfect friend-of-Kindall material. All of my newfound friends are fantastic!

Ironically, tonight I made several friends with whom I went to see a movie called "Mr. Lonely". I would try to make some connection of myself to the main character in the movie who was lonely, but this movie had so little meaning that I don't want to go there. The point of the movie is that it has been something that has formed a relationship between me and a few other people who were in the exact same place I was in. We are all looking for things to do and trying to cope with the weirdness of being out of school and away from our "convenient" friends, and we all (in the strangest sort of way) ended up at that movie together.

It's amazing to see God working in the everyday weirdness of our lives. The people I've been meeting for two weeks aren't at all random; they've been strategically placed in my path, and they don't have any idea how awesome meeting them has been for me. I'm looking forward to what is in store for me because I've had the privilege to meet some fabulous people, and I feel like there are even more to come!


Anonymous said...

dear kindall duke,
thanks for your thoughts. so good. really.

Amanda said...

I'm glad that we all found mr. lonely... and that we won't all be... lonely this summer! :) have fun in florida! i'm excited to start up the monopoly game again!

Anonymous said...

Kindall!!! Your sarcasm is poorly diplayed on a computer!!! GRRAAAHHHH. Makes you seem sad or something. I know better than that. Don't seem so down. Show the happier-ish Kindall I've seen in person!!! Other than that, just sayin hey. Oh, so does your non-church going friend, Kristen. Too tired for the Almighty. Anyhow, have a good one!!!