Monday, August 25, 2008

Year Two is Official

Things are really exciting right now at Belmont. For one thing, my loans have officially been approved, and I know I'm going to be able to stay. I couldn't be happier either because I absolutely love having my friends back on campus. It almost feels like we never left because we picked back up so easily where we left off, and I'm so happy to have Liz, Kristen, and Rebecca back on a full-time basis.

I'm having a little trouble dealing with the fact that classes start on Wednesday, but I guess it's inevitable and I'm just going to have to deal with it. I'm looking forward to a really busy but really good semester. Being an SLA is going to be a blast I think, and I'm really excited about getting to know my girls and spending time hanging out in Heron.

I've also been reminded a lot lately how much I love Belmont and why. I don't think I'd ever really forgotten, but it's been nice to think about this place as a school again instead of just the place where I live and work.

The fact that I think there might be another plan for me is still hanging over all the joy I am experiencing here. I'm still okay with the fact that I don't have a clue if I'm supposed to stay here, but I feel like the more time I spend here the harder it will be to leave. And I guess that might be why the plan isn't too clear. If I knew today that I would be transferring in the spring, I would probably withdraw from everything and everyone and miss out on a lot of really great things. I know that won't be able to happen now though because as far as I know I'm as likely to graduate from here as I am to finish school at all anywhere. I'm just going to keep on living because that's all I can do. And I'm going to trust that God knows better than I do where I should go and what I should do.

It's going to be a good semester, and I'm just going to keep reminding myself of that when classes start and I want to quit.

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mary christine said...

I still think you should live here and work at Starbucks... but I guess that could be Plan B.... ;-)