Thursday, August 7, 2008

People Need Faith in a Helping Hand

I can't quite get over how perfect my recently acquired friends are. I feel like I've known them so much longer than a couple of months, and I can't explain how attached I have become to them. I love the fact that someone I just met this summer would help me move. And not only will she help me move my stuff, she will help with someone else's--someone she doesn't even know. I also love that the whole time we are moving she doesn't mind listening to me vent frustration. And I'm glad that she's seen the frustrated, not-so-nice side of Kindall and will still hang out and eat Chinese while watching Will & Grace with Kindall.

What's even better is that she isn't the only one. I would have been thrilled to meet one person this summer who I absolutely loved, but God blessed me with so much more. I hope you all know how much you've changed my life and how much I love you. You people are amazing, and I'm happy to know you exist and that you don't mind wasting some of your time with me. Until you get sick of me, I'm here for you!

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Jessica_Leigh said...

Wasting time? Kindall, you are an irreplacable part of our summer, too!

And I (we) love you for it. And when I say we, I mean the group of friends, not my multiple personalities! :)

You're amazing. Just thought you should know.