Friday, August 8, 2008


Today I had the most serene half hour I've had in a long time. On my lunch break I grabbed a sandwich and some fruit from What's Bruin and decided to eat in the courtyard around the bell tower. The weather was absolutely perfect--not too warm or too cold with a nice breeze. The sun was glorious, although not too hot, and because there aren't many people on campus things were pretty quiet. What sound I did hear was the bell tower playing hymns. It was absolutely perfect, and I was so sad when I had to go back to work. It's wonderful to have a few minutes to sit outside and not have to think too much about anything. I feel like even when there isn't much going on in my life I don't take enough time to just sit still. Today was a reminder that life is good, and I need to take a little time to enjoy it and the beauty of everything around me.

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mary christine said...

Amen! Praise God for those little reminders. :-)