Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank You Small Claims Court

I don't understand what it is that draws me to shows like The People's Court, Judge Joe Brown, and Divorce Court, but for some reason I love to watch stupid people arguing stupid cases on television. I spent a lot of time watching these shows with my grandfather before he died, and that is most likely the root of their attraction, but I feel like I enjoy them way more than I should. Right now I am watching a woman who wants the court to order her ex-husband to pay $24,000 for weight-loss surgery because she gained 100 pounds during the twenty years they were married because of stress. And when they argue these cases these people are completely unreasonable and usually have horrendous grammar. They have no idea how stupid they sound, and I love it.

What's really fun is the progression of these shows into something more interactive. Divorce Court has a myspace profile, but that's nothing compared to The People's Court. On The People's Court website, you can send a video of your side of a case and then invite the other person via e-mail to argue his or her side. Once both parties have a video online, people vote to decide who wins. I'm so happy that so many people in the world have so much free time and so little sense. Small claims court makes my day.

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