Monday, July 28, 2008

Still Content

I have been so sure this summer that I'm in the right place, and my friends have been a huge part of that affirmation. Even though I've only known these people for a couple of months I genuinely care about them, and I know they were people God put in my life. He knew the perfect time and place, and he brought us together in a very random and very cool way. I'm so thankful to know that I'm loved and to get to spend time with amazing people. Even if things will change when school starts back and other epic events take place in our lives, I feel like they will always be around, and we all understand that this friendship is different but so good.

And to those of you who are concerned when I freak out and consider the possiblity that I might not be at school next semester, thank you. I'm almost positive I'll be here, and I'm just thinking worst case scenario, but I thank you for caring. Thank you for your concern, for wanting to talk, and some of you for offers of a place to live if something happens. You people are amazing.

I'm so glad that God uses people in my life to show me things. I'm so glad to know that people I care a lot about care about me too. And I'm so happy with where I am. Contentment was a big deal at the beginning of my summer, and I'm seeing it coming back up in my life. I don't have a clue what's going to happen, but I know at this moment I'm in the right place, and it's a good one. It may not always be as good as it is now, but I can be content in any of those places. I can be content because I know my God loves me. He has proven so faithful, and he has given me so much more than I deserve in my friends.


Amanda said...

I am honored to lend my spare bed to someone who loves me enough to send me 8 flair first thing in the morning... And to share my ABBA joy with. :)

a girl named heather said...

haha you're wonderful!
you wannnnna give me a ride tomorrow ;-)??

me said...
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andrew said...

Aww. I feel special. Almost as special as you are. ;)