Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lessons in Living Free

As of tomorrow, I will have gone one week without spending money on the Heather Pierce adventure. I have learned valuable things about my habits through this experience:
  • I think I need to go to coffee shops to study.
  • I want to eat when I'm bored, and it's not usually food that I just have around.
  • If I only bought enough groceries to keep myself fed, I would be perfectly happy with my life.
I'm sure I've learned other things too, but these are the ones that stick out. I also realize that my typical habits are unnecessary. For instance, I have 3 and 1/2 pounds of Starbucks coffee in my room waiting to be ground and brewed. I do not ever need to go to a coffee shop. There are also plenty of places on campus where I can study and not feel obligated to purchase something (the lobby for instance). Also, my eating habits are ridiculous as well as expensive. I feel like I'm eating better simply because I won't allow myself to go buy junk I don't already have. And finally, the amount of money I need (this is the operative word in the entire post) to spend on groceries to supplement my meal plan is pretty small. I can eat things I like and have plenty without spending much money. So really, even when I go back to spending money I will be looking at it differently. I'm imagining what it will look like when I put my new found knowledge into practice and actually save some money. What an idea!

Perhaps the best thing about this is the time Heather and I have spent doing free things. It's so nice to spend time with someone you want to be around without worrying about how much it costs. We just get to hang out, and I like it!

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