Friday, February 6, 2009

I Dream of Jeannie, They Dream of Kindall

In the last week, three friends have had dreams about me. Not that I think these dreams mean anything, but I find it interesting that I'm on people's subconscious minds.

Dreamer one: can't remember what happened, but coffee was involved.

Dreamer two: I got married to a guy I had not kissed until the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, she (the girl who had the dream) and I went back to a dorm room and she asked, "So are you going to have sex tonight?" She said it was really crazy for her to think about moving straight from never having kissed to that giant next step and that is why she was asking. This one is incredibly random, first because I hope I don't come back to a dorm room after my wedding (plus it's against the rules). There are other reasons, but I feel like you can figure it out yourself.

Dreamer three: I was pregnant. The baby was a friend's. He and I had never dated and at this point weren't talking, and she was asking us if we might just try dating. She said she was really frustrated with us, and I can understand her frustration.

These may mean nothing (although the coffee dream might have been profound if only the dreamer had remembered it), but it's worth noting that I'm in people's heads.


Jane Approximately said...

it was you with a lot of coffee cups on the floor and that's all i remember.

you looked happy.

a girl named heather said...

kindall gets drunk off of coffee.