Saturday, February 21, 2009


I don't pretend to know anything about music or have any credibility when writing about it, but I love it. And because I love it, I enjoy meeting/learning about other people who are passionate about it, and that is why I'm writing now. Last night I went to see a friend play at Cafe Coco. This show was organized by Quiet Entertainer, and I was struck by his passion for Nashville's music scene. The whole point of his BlogWorthy shows is to introduce people to music and have them use the Internet to spread the word. These shows happen every 3rd Friday of the month at Cafe Coco at 11:00, and the idea is that people will write about them on their blogs, Facebook, MySpace, or whatever it is they feel like using. To hear Quiet Entertainer talk was to hear someone who cares a lot about music, especially in Nashville, and I think he has great ideas. So, I'm doing my part and telling you about it. Last night's show featured Rachel Leigh, James Fate, and Calvin. I have to admit I didn't get to hear Calvin play because I am pathetic and it was past my bedtime (to my credit, I had to work this morning), but what I saw of the show was fabulous. So I encourage you to check out all of these people, and if you're in the Nashville area, you should mark your calendar for the 3rd Friday of every month and check out one of these BlogWorthy shows yourself. I guarantee you'll see passion for music you don't see many places. These people really care about Nashville's musicians, and it should be cool to see where this is going.

This is Quiet Entertainer's explanation of BlogWorthy:
The reason behind BlogWorthy
A lot of people have been asking me about BlogWorthy. Just what is it? What does it mean?It's an idea I've had and a vision that has come to me after being in Nashville for a while. I have observed a duality in the music scene. Existing between the haves and have-nots. The mainstream and the underground. And among the underground; the bedroom artists and the ones who are out doing it. And ultimately just what is right and what is wrong with the local music scene from where we're standing.

It seems like I'm always talking to people who have some kind of problem or issue with the music scene in Nashville. I was writing back and forth with someone on myspace a week or so ago about some local artists and all of the challenges of supporting independent music. At the end of her argument, she qualified it by saying that she was just a music fan and not a critic, so what did she really know?

Actually, I think that her opinion is extremely valid and perhaps equally so to that of a music critic. Because they are dueling opinions. I want people who like music to know that it's ok to actually talk about what you like instead of what you don't like. What rocks instead of what sucks. So, I hope that everyone who likes myself as an artist or any of the other bands or artists at a BlogWorthy show will post a blog about how they thought the show went and what they think of the artists. Especially if they enjoyed it! Then maybe some artists won't have to wait to be recognized by local press. Because we can be the media and we can be the press. Technology makes this possible now more than ever.
As for people passionate about music, I'm learning some of the best writers are regular people who do other things for a living but care enough about music to write about it. Album reviews have become a new favorite leisure reading genre of mine. It doesn't even matter if I ever plan to listen to the albums or not because it is evident that these writers were moved enough to write about them. They might tell you an album will change your life or they might tell you you're better off remaining ignorant of the pain accompanying a new record. Either way, they're witty when they write and because they do it for pleasure they're all in. I can't get away from The Musically Inclined, Twisted Ear, and The Daily Grind. These people are invested, and it makes for good prose.

Sorry there are so many links, but they're worth it. Click on them and listen. Just do it.


Ben Lenox said...

Rock on, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kindall,
You said something here that I absolutely agree with and something I already mentioned. You don't have to be a certified music critic in order for your opinion on music to matter; just like you don't have to be a signed millionaire rock star in order for your music to matter.

Thanks for the kindness; come out again and say hello. :-)