Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Way to Make a Living

I forgot how much I love the 9-5 (which isn't exactly what I work, but it's 8 hours either way). There is nothing better than getting up before 6 to work out, going to work, taking a lunch break, getting off and hanging out at the apartment/making dinner, and then occupying myself as I feel led until time for bed. The next day it all starts over exactly the same. The routine is fantastic. I'm feeling very settled, and I'm sure I'll make a great adult someday. I have to remember that the hectic college schedule is only temporarily avoided and that I'm going to move 4-5 times in the next year. Writing that made me feel a little sick, so I'm retreating back to the wonderful world of summer in Nashville with Erin and Heather. Let's pretend it will never end.

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