Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Beauty of a Long Weekend

Memorial Day is Monday which means it's a long weekend for us in our new apartment. It came at a perfect time seeing as this time last week we had just gotten checked in and started the move; we finally have time now to enjoy a full day of living in this apartment and being settled.

It's amazing how much you can accomplish in a weekend when there isn't homework to do. Last night we watched 2 movies--Milk and Closer. This morning I slept a little later than usual (which means I lay restlessly in bed from about 6:30 until I finally got up at 8 because I get up too early every morning), went to Crema--a wonderful little coffee shop downtown--with Heather and Erin, and after lunch Heather and I went to the Belle Meade plantation. By 3pm, we had finished everything we had planned, and now we have the rest of the night to do nothing. This lifestyle seems too good to be true.

Everything we're doing here is being documented on our collective Summer in the City blog. With multiple blogs, we're making ourselves easily stalked this summer, but hopefully we'll be able to share some cool places in Nashville.