Saturday, May 16, 2009

How a Year Changes Things

This day one year ago I wrote about the fact that I was really happy with being in Nashville, but I felt like I was lacking something. A big part of what I was wanting was a friend. I needed someone to talk to, and I needed people to see outside of work. It's amazing to see the transition happen in writing from what I was then to what I am now. I'm in exactly the same place, doing exactly the same job, but it's so different this year.

Last summer, I found the most incredible group of friends. We had a lot of fun in a very short time, and we were on the fast track to becoming close. I'm so happy to know that this summer those people are around and we can pick up somewhat where we left off. This summer is going to be very different, but I'm excited to see where those relationships lead. To those of you who fall into this group of friends, I want you to know you are an absolute answer to prayer, and if you need proof of that you can read what I wrote on May 16, 2008. Thanks for being yourselves. And to you, Amanda, we miss you. You were responsible for this random connection, and for that I'm grateful. You'll have to come visit us now that you're a married woman living in Kentucky.

We watched Mister Lonely last night, and it was the movie that made such a huge difference last year. I feel like everything last night went back to last summer but was immensely improved. It's fascinating to see how different things are going in this time, but I hope I also learn as much about myself as I did last summer in my extended silence. I'm still so happy to be in the middle of this time, and it doesn't seem like it should be so perfect.

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Amanda said...

I'm terribly sad that I'm not there, but SO glad that you all are continuing on and having a blast. :) I want frequent updates, friends!