Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I woke up this morning feeling what can only be described as freedom! I just had to slip my video project (finished only with some hard work from the lovely Erin) in my teacher's mailbox, and summer became official. The weather in Nashville was perfect, and unlike the last week or so it lasted all day. I couldn't be happier to be finished, and my day was awesome because of it.

I started taking things off my walls this afternoon so I could get a jump on the packing, and I'm overall really happy that summer is here. I'm looking so forward to game nights, workouts with Heather, living with the people I love, Saturday morning pancakes, and general merriment. I also get so excited about the fact that my biggest decision and worry right now is what book to start reading next (while knowing there is no deadline for finishing it). I'm so blessed to have a job and a place to stay this summer, and I'm excited to know I have friends going in this time. It should be a very different experience from last summer.

Heather, Erin, and I will be keeping up with the things we are reading, the places we are visiting, the movies we are watching, and the fun we are having over at Summer in the City, so if you can't get enough of me, you should check that out too. We haven't gotten that completely started yet, but when we do, look out.

Here's to another school year finished, being a junior in college, and a magnificent summer to come!

i want to play all day
and swim out in the waves
in a lagoon that has no shark to bite my legs
a perfect place
where we can all laugh out loud
with palm trees, an ocean breeze
and never any clouds
get away
far away
to a place
i can stay
feels like summertime
the sun is shining on my face
feels like summertime
i never want to leave this place
but if i can't go now
i know someday, somehow
i know you've got a place
designed for me someday
i've got a mansion there
a royal getaway
and when my work is done
you'll fly me there at last
a place that doesn't take credit cards
or lots of cash
but if i can't go now
i know someday, somehow
you will take me there
cast away my burdens
take away my cares

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Jessica said...

I really like your writing. I feel the same way. Thank goodness it's summer.