Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Over It and Moving On

I'm pretty much over the fact that we got written up for "unsanitary conditions." I'm still a little upset, but not really at Liz any more. I've cleaned everything my RD didn't throw out when she checked, and now I'm just waiting to hear what our punishment is going to be for this and hoping it won't cost me any money.

I'm writing again because I hate that I finally had some time and all I did was talk about my write-up. There is a new semester starting, and I'm excited! I'm not taking as many hours this semester because I had a little trouble filling the schedule. I'm hoping this will give me time to find a job and get used to functioning in school while working. I know I could have handled it last semester, but this way I can still kind of be a slacker and make some money which I so desperately need. I applied at the mansion last semester and they haven't called me yet, but I'm planning on calling tomorrow. I think I would love being a tour guide, and the hours at the mansion would be fabulous, so I'm really hoping this works out. If it doesn't, I am planning to look elsewhere. I feel like I haven't been worth anything so far in college, and although I survived on my own money for a while, that last month required a lot of support from the parents.

My classes this semester should be interesting. As always, my goal is not to procrastinate, but I know how that usually goes, and I will most likely continue to wait until the last minute for everything. I'm excited about everything, and for now I'm just waiting on my friends to show up and watching football. Life is pretty good.

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