Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bad Habits and Impulsive Decisions

I mentioned in my last post that I was incredibly sleep deprived, and it's times like this when I know exactly why that happens to me but decide to do nothing about it. I have to write an essay for American Lit in the puritan style about John Smith and Mary Rowlandson. The smart thing to do in this situation would be to get a head start and not have to be freaking out about finishing it tomorrow, however, I am checking my facebook and posting this. Along with my Fourthmeal Taco Bell addiction, this is a terrible habit, but like most habits I have no desire to correct it, and I will be up incredibly late tonight even though I could actually go to bed now and still keep the essay for tomorrow. I don't know what appeals to me about being tired because I stayed up late doing nothing.

I think I should also document my trip to get a smoothie on Friday. Kristen and I went to Smoothie King and decided that we didn't want to go back to campus, so we walked around the mall. While mall-walking, I mentioned that I wanted to get my nose pierced but I had some questions about it, and I wanted to go sometime and talk to someone who pierces noses about it. She and I are just alike, so she said, "Why not go right now?" To make a long story short, within an hour I had my nose pierced and she's going to get hers done when we get out of class tomorrow. We have a very dangerous friendship because neither of us thinks clearly around the other. Oh well, I don't at all regret my piercing, so I guess it's okay, but in the future we should probably not go anywhere alone together (I realize that the phrase "alone together" doesn't really make sense).

Some people might see my current state as a downward spiral into a life of, I don't really know what word I'm looking for here, but some might see it as two steps in the wrong direction. I think I should make it clear though that I am not losing self control and doing stupid things just to do them. I am still thinking clearly, and everything is going to be okay!

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