Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where Did the Focus Go?

Not that I've been super focused all semester, but I feel like I'm having more trouble focusing than ever at this point. I think it might be because I'm so over school at this point that I can't bring myself to do my homework. I was finally able to have some time to relax and I would have been able to prolong that if I had done just a little homework, but instead I managed to get behind and lose a lot of sleep. Oh well, two more days of class and then all I've got to suffer through is finals until January. The break will be beautiful.

And on another note, I need to get this out. I've complained in the past about being single and the feeling that it would never go away, but I can say that lately I've had some people who seem to be showing interest who I would like to escape from. Really, I am super content with being single right now. And honestly, I don't want to have to turn people down, but I'm just not interested. It's like the right guy isn't ever around at the right time. Oh well, I guess I can be flattered by the interest and honest about my desire to stay single for now. That was random, but whatever.

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