Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No More Class!

This semester seems like it's been ridiculous compared to the last. Instead of much Brett Michaels and Celebrity Rehab watching, I've done nothing but read and write. I realize that's what I do, but I really enjoyed that slacker second semester of freshman year. The scary thing is it's only going to be worst next semester. The two literature classes I'm taking are going to be brutal, but at least I like to read!

I still need to take some time to think about all that's happened this semester (which may not happen until after finals). I feel like what I've learned this semester is how hard it is to spend time with the people I love when things get busy. People I love is such a huge phrase because this semester it's been my family, my friends, and sadly God. It's basically everyone in my life, and I feel like I've neglected them all at some point.

So even though this hasn't been sorted out yet, I'm looking ahead and trying to see how I will apply this recognition of my neglectful tendencies in the future.

1 comment:

a girl named heather said...

i think belmont went crazy this semester.

i don't know one person who is content with their grades/amount of work they have put into this semester.

gosh. i'm sorry kindall.

did you know that i like you a great deal? you're wonderful. and so i wish you great rest and great contemplation over break... and of course happy and productive studying until then!!!

if you need starbucks study time, i'm always here.