Monday, October 20, 2008

People, Stories, and Obvious Connections

I'm glad I am constantly learning new things about myself, but I have to say I feel like sometimes it's obvious things I learn and life would be easier if I would realize them earlier. Of course, I guess it wouldn't be life if it worked that way.

I realized this weekend the reason I am a literature major. I knew I liked lit, but I never made the connection of why. This weekend, however, I had to do an activity where I wrote about my strengths, passions, and values, and I made possibly the most obvious connection ever. I love to tell stories, I love to hear stories, and I love to read. These came up in all three categories--the strengths, passions, and values--and I realized it all made sense: My life is all about stories! This doesn't seem like a huge revelation, but it was big for me in a way that I'm not yet able to articulate.

I know that God's plan for me, even though it's so unclear in my mind, revolves around people and my relationships with them. I want to love people and be as much like Jesus as I can be in this life, so whether I get a real job or work at Starbucks after college, my life is about people and relating to them. I feel like this is stuff I've known for a while, but I'm trying to figure out what it means for me right now. I realize relationships are not just my future, they are most definitely my present. I'm figuring out what God is trying to show me and learning more about how I relate to people, and it's coming in revelations of the obvious.

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