Saturday, October 4, 2008

Debate '08!

The break is finally here, and I'm so happy to not feel overwhelmed by my homework. I didn't leave myself much of an actual break though because I'm volunteering for the debate. Small inconveniences or otherwise, I'm super excited that Belmont is hosting the debate, and I'm even more excited to be working with the Commission on Presidential Debates! I worked an 8-hour day today, and it was long but really cool to be so close to such a historic event. I haven't started running into people I recognize yet, but I'm sure I'll get my fill of celebrity (in the news media sense) sightings soon enough.

And speaking of the debate, election day is swiftly approaching, and I'm finding myself unprepared. I don't have a clue who I'm going to vote for. I believe voting is important, and I plan to participate, but I don't know what to do! My indecisive personality shouldn't extend to voting, but so far it's been taking control. I'm finding myself incredibly apathetic about politics, but I also sit here knowing that this election is a big deal. Hopefully I'll have an update soon and I will have figured out who I think should be the next President.

In other news, I just recently learned what ChaCha was in my Bible study on Monday. I am super excited about this site, and I took the test yesterday to become a guide. I love the fact the world moves so quickly that there can be a free service devoted to answering nearly any question that can be asked in a text message. It's a beautiful thing.

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