Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Been One Week

Today made for exactly one week in school. I think I've finally adjusted to this newly re-discovered idea that Belmont is where I take classes instead of just where I live, but it took some time. As for those classes, I really like them. I have a ton of work to do this semester, but I feel like I'm going to learn valuable things. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time this semester. Instead I feel like I'm being challenged to know what I believe and why, as well as what I don't believe and why. I'm also learning to think about the world differently than I ever have before. That's a little scary, but I really like it. And in the classes that aren't having a profound impact on the way I think, I still feel like I'll be able to use what I learn. It's an amazing breakthrough to feel like school is doing me some good. I feel like my money isn't being wasted. And no matter where I go after this semester, here or elsewhere, I know that life is good, and I feel like I will have grown some more. I wonder if there's ever a time when I'll stop growing. And if I do, will that be okay with me?

I still feel slightly overwhelmed with all my work, but I know I'll be fine. My main goal is to not lose the important things. I know what should have top priority in my life, and I want to keep it in that position. All this growing does me no good if I don't stay spiritually and mentally healthy. I'm working on keeping my head above water and doing so in a way that keeps me even from beginning to sink. I don't want to crack mid-semester.

And for an interesting update on my life: I'm running ten miles on November 1st. That's kind of epic for me, and I go back and forth from being excited about it to worried that I won't ever be able to do it. I've got a goal to work towards though, and I'm looking forward to seeing it accomplished. 59 days to go!

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mary christine said...

You never stop growing.

We should do coffee this weekend or something... like, seriously.