Monday, March 10, 2008

My Life is Complete

Since I was in middle school I have had a really strange Relient K obsession. I have never stalked the band or anything, but I've spent a small, or rather a really large, fortune on their cds. Tonight was worth every cent I've ever spent on their cds though. I saw RK at 12th and Porter, and it was a really cool show for several reasons. First, this is only the second time I've seen them live, so it was already destined to be awesome. Second, Dave Douglas left the band and tonight was the new drummer, Ethan Luck's first show ever. I was a little sad to see Dave go, but I got to be at Ethan's first show, and how many people can say that? The number of people who can say that is another reason the show was amazing; the venue only held about 200 people, so we were packed in, but it was awesome to see them play in such a small place. And finally, I can now die happy because tonight I met Matt Thiessen! I am still ecstatic about this, and I'm just not sure I'm going to be able to recover. Relient K will always be the best! And if you want to see the videos I took at the concert, they're on my youtube.

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lexidoodleellis said...

thats awesomeee!!!

i really wanted to be there!

do you go to bellmount?