Sunday, February 24, 2008

2500 Words

I should be working on a paper right now. I've been stressed for the last week because the time I wanted to spend on this paper just hasn't been in my schedule and I've had to compact it down to about two days of time. I realize this is all my fault and that if I was really stressed I would be writing the paper right now instead of this blog, but now that I've got time to devote to writing my heart just isn't it. That isn't to say that my heart has ever been in paper writing, but today I would really just like to sleep. I think if I really get started I will be fine, but that's the hurdle I'm having the most trouble trying to jump.

The paper has to be 2500 words long, and I know that isn't really too much to ask, but it seems like such a daunting task. I think the biggest reason this all seems so bad in my head is because the deadline I have set for myself is to write the paper today and fix it tomorrow while I put together the presentation that will accompany it. Writing the paper today wouldn't even be that big a deal, but I won't sit down and work on it. I am absolutely my own worst enemy. Now that I've wasted more than enough of my precious time here I am going to attempt again to write my paper and hopefully get things done!

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