Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Break...From What I'm Not Sure

My fall break didn't exactly play out as planned. When I got out of class on Wednesday, I packed all my stuff and got ready to go, but on the way home I was meeting my mom for lunch and going to play Bingo at the nursing home with my grandmother (Mema) like I do every Wednesday. At lunch my mom asked me if I would go straight to the nursing home when we finished eating instead of waiting until two-thirty when Bingo started because my grandmother was not doing very well and my great aunt, who needed a break, wasn't going to leave unless someone else was there to stay with Mema. When I got to the nursing home, she was not well.

I guess I should add here that she was diagnosed about seven months ago with brain cancer and given six months to live. Until now, she's been okay. She was alert and seemed as healthy as you could expect, but you wouldn't have thought she was dying.

Anyway, when I got there, she was sleeping and would not wake up. She would look at us if we talked to her, but she never did say anything. Obviously, we didn't play Bingo, but I sat with her for a few hours and then went on home. Thursday, I went back to the nursing home and spent a few more hours. Saturday, I went again, and today after church I went again. The nursing home is half an hour away from school and just over an hour from home. I would have been better off to just stay at school as much as I saw my friends and family at home.

I feel like I sound bitter about not really having a break, and I don't want to come across that way because I completely understand. I'm really glad that when I needed to spend a lot of time there I've been able to be there instead of having classes. I'm just a little stressed and tired, thus the bitter tone.

Now I'm back at school, and I'm very tired. I'm thinking I may be in bed well before ten o'clock tonight because I am absolutely worn out. I am also, once again, not at all upset because of my break being crazy, just tired and in need of a place to say some of this. Now that I've gotten it out there, I'm going to do a little homework and get ready for bed!

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