Friday, April 24, 2009

Sesame Street Made It Look Easy

I decided to be a real city-kid today, and I failed. A friend and I took the bus to the library downtown. The trip down there was fine, and I loved the library (I will be in the grand reading room next time you can't find me), but getting back was an adventure. We watched several buses pass, but none of them were the one we were waiting for. Finally, the number 2 bus was in sight, but it got to us and continued to drive. If it didn't hurt enough that we were left standing on the corner where we had been for an hour, it was worse that we recognized the driver as the same one who dropped us off earlier! The number 2 was supposed to run every 35-70 minutes, so at this point we were desperate. We hopped on a bus that took us closer to Belmont but not quite all the way. We walked the rest of the way, but we were tired and I was sunburned. I tried to embrace the city, and the city rejected me. No more riding the bus.

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