Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Bye, Bottled Water

Belmont University will no longer be selling bottled water in the fall because we're going green. But will this really be effective? Students drink bottled water because it's convenient. Even though they are "investigating BPA free, reusable water containers that can be provided to members of the Belmont community at a minimal cost" the fact is you have to carry those things around with you, and a lot of students just won't. Instead, people will turn to the "variety of sodas and sports drinks, including energy and vitamin waters" that will still be available on campus. Translation: they're going to drink a lot more Pepsi. They will still use bottles, but now they will have less healthy liquids in them. I understand that Belmont is trying to care, but I'm just not sold on this.

I personally have a Nalgene bottle that I try to use; however, when I forget it I like having the option of buying water. Now it looks like I'm out of luck on those days. My other real issue with this is that those bottles (and also water fountains) are going to be germ-infested. College students are not going to wash these bottles well or often. And how many of these bottles will show up without owners because college students frequently lose things?

Dear Belmont, we hosted a debate. We've been on the news. If this is a publicity stunt, can we call it off?

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Jessica_Leigh said...

See, I disagree. I'm all for it--especially since recent studies have shown that bottled water is just as icky as fountain or tap water.

I believe that Belmont might have given up coke in bottles, too, if the different cokes had some other means of packaging. I suppose they could put drink fountains up around campus...

And I'm not sure that Belmont should be held responsible for the irresponsibility of college students. I do lose things frequently, but should that keep Belmont from trying to be enviromentally sustainable?

Ha, this is a weird debate...I didn't realize people were going to be so passionate about it because I have a firm policy of never buying water unless there is absolutely no free flowing source available, so it won't really affect me.

Kindall said...

I definitely see the good points. At the same time, I would appreciate being able to use Bruin bucks instead of real money at Circle K or Bongo Java on those rare days when I don't have my bottle with me. Plus, it feels semi-opressive.

Jessica_Leigh said...

It can be kind of oppressive-like, can't it?

What if there is a long line at the water fountain? I mean, I'm completely serious. If everyone has to fill up a bottle, and I'm in a hurry, it'd take forever--much more time than scanning some bruin bucks really quickly.

I've never bought on campus water, but now I'm going to think about that if ever I get stuck in a water fountain line. BOO.