Monday, December 10, 2007

The Finish Line!

I took my last final this morning, and I am so incredibly glad it's all over. Now I have time to just hang out and do the things I didn't have time to do when I had so much homework. I had time to clean my dorm room really well today which is good because it was driving me insane! I am going to play Madden and Nerts with Kristen and Rebecca tonight, and tomorrow I am going to be lazy for most of the day. I'm going to do a little laundry and pack to go home, and then at about five I am taking Rebecca to the airport and going home to eat real food!

Speaking of home, Friday night at about twelve fifteen, three hours after I posted on here, Kristen, Rebecca and I decided we were going to drive to my house and spend the weekend. We got there at about two in the morning, and Saturday we did nothing but eat and watch America's Next Top Model. It was a much needed break, and we just enjoyed being in a house with a ton of space. We left at seven on Sunday morning so we could get to church at Midtown on time, and although we got very little sleep, we had a really good weekend.

Since I mentioned church, I guess I should add here that I am still a little starstruck here in Nashville even though I just saw my first celebrity. I've been looking for them since I got here, but Sunday as I was waiting to put my chair up after church, Kristen asked me if I would know what Chris Rice looked like if I saw him. I told her maybe, she pointed him out, and Chris Rice was totally standing across the room from us. Apparently he goes to church with us. That's not super exciting, but I was pretty stoked!

Anyway, hopefully now that I have some free time again I can stop neglecting my blog. All I really want to do over break is play chess, do yoga, sleep, and read Harry Potter, but maybe I'll find some time to write too.

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