Monday, June 15, 2009

Llena Mi Vida de Tu Amor

Yesterday I was feeling a little burned out and tired. After I spent the morning in church I made a quick run through the McDonald's drive through on my way to work at the mansion. When I got off work I had about an hour and a half before I was supposed to go to La Iglesia de Dios Hispana with Carlos. My heart wasn't really in it because I just wanted to sit down for a minute and not think about anything, but I had a great experience the last time I went, and I also didn't want to cancel.

It seems the coolest things happen when we aren't expecting them, and even though I went half-heartedly God showed up full-force. I have trouble figuring out in my own mind what it is about going to a church service conducted in Spanish that makes the experience so incredible; I love to hear almost anything in Spanish, but the novelty isn't the draw. Perhaps it's the fact that I am reminded God is bigger than the English language. I know what kind of impact God has on my own life, but I forget that the rest of the world was spoken into existence by a God who considers all of us his. My faith connects me to a broad range of people all over the world praising a God who understands every word and every heart. I love language and words, but language is not enough to encompass all God is, and God is not limited by language barriers.

I am limited by language, and I can't quite explain this experience in English or Spanish. What I can say is Gracias, Senor.

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