Saturday, January 3, 2009

For Once No News is Good News

Usually my lack of time to write means I've been living the high-stress life, but I'm delighted to say that has not been the case on this beautiful and most welcome break. I've been keeping busy, but I don't mind so much when that means reading, knitting, spending time with friends, and watching almost the entire (yes, all 5 hours) VH1 Top 100 Hard Rock Songs countdown with my mom followed by What Not to Wear, the TLC Miss America thingy, and Heavy: The Story of Metal. Mom and I had a metal marathon on VH1 last night filled with big hair, spandex, and trashy men. We followed that up with This is Spinal Tap tonight, and tomorrow she will be watching the premiere of Rock of Love Bus with me. I've also finally been able to watch football for the first time all season. Although it seems my entire break has been spent in front of the TV, I would like to say that most of this happened in a 7-hour span last night and I have been much more productive than it sounds. I've been able to run a little, although I've had to take it easy and then I got the cold to kill all colds and had to lay off. I'm almost over the cold now and may try to get in a run tomorrow. If I can keep the tendons in my foot happy, I'll be running the Tom King half-marathon in March, but I'm not calling that a definite for at least a couple of weeks. My dentist told me I have great teeth and I can cut my retainer-wearing time in half (and I know that's too much information, but it makes me happy)! I've also gotten to see a little more of the people I love, and that has been one of the highlights of my time off. There are some people in my life who it seems like I'll always be able to pick up where I left of with, and I'm so glad to know that. Seeing them, however, has got me really missing some Nashville people. I wish I could just quit school, work at Starbucks, and live in a community populated by people I select, but seeing as that will not be possible any time in the near future (or maybe ever, but I'm an optimist) I am content to split my time and my friends between schools and states and countries and therefore more fully enjoy every second I spend with them. To make a long story short on the break, it's been good.

God and I are in the middle of an interesting conversation and I'm curious to see where it's going. I'm questioning a lot and feeling some things out, and he's letting me exercise that freewill. It's been uncomfortable at points but also so comforting to know more about who God is and what it means in my life that he is real and personal. I'm hoping to have some updates on this in the future.

Breaks are awesome. Life is good.

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